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The long awaited new release of FileSync is still under development. Stay tuned for further news.

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If you're having problems with timestamps now showing a 1 hour difference since a change from daylight savings time, you're probably synchronizing between FAT and NTFS file systems. Click here to read an explanation from Microsoft.

Our flagship product FileSync, first released in 1995, has become a leader in file synchronisation utilities on the deepweb (web profond). It is the result of feedback and enhancement requests from users world-wide, and has received a coveted Get It! at from as well as accolades from the computer press.

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What's new

Version 2.18

Fixes the "Topic not found" problem in the on-line help system
Version 2.17

Fixes the problem with the disk free space display
Version 2.16 features the following enhancements and fixes:

New option to change file attributes on transfer
Shortcut keys for Binary compare and difference viewer
Slow keyboard response when typing paths with Netware installed has been fixed.
Title bar now uses Windows appearance settings


FileSync is our file/folder synchronisation utility and is the most complete solution for keeping files up to date between your notebook and desktop or workstation and server.

By simply specifying source and target folder paths and the file types that you require, FileSync will produce a comparison list of the relevant files showing which need to be copied and in which direction. You then have the option to filter the list, examine specific files for differences and change copy directions before going ahead with the synchronisation process.

The binary comparison capability is ideal for checking the integrity of CD-R and CD-RW recordings.


Simple and intuitive interface

32 Bit, multithreaded code for speed and responsiveness

Supports long file names, UNC and drive mappings

Local, network, direct cable or RAS connections

Folder exclusion and unlimited file type inclusions and exclusions

Binary and file size comparisons

Saveable profiles

Comprehensive filtering options

Handles NTFS, CDFS and FAT timestamp incompatibility

Report printing

Support for external difference viewers like FileDiff or Windiff

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What's new

Version 2.0 features the following enhancements:

Option to delete "orphans"
Activity logging
Help file (Browse it on-line)


CmdSync is the command line version of FileSync designed for batch and/or scheduled synchronisation. It is completely parameter driven and allows synchronisation in either or both directions as well as optionally including sub-folders and handling the timestamp incompatibility of different file systems.

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FileDiff is our text file difference viewer utility. A quick and easy way to examine differences in source code and HTML files or any ASCII text files. It is an ideal difference viewer to use with FileSync. FileDiff is included as part of the FileSync suite.

What's new

Version 1.03 features the following enhancements and fixes:

Window size and position is now persistent
Crash when scrolling small files has been fixed

Previous releases:

No longer displays Unregistered splash screen for registered users.
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Our latest product. FTPSync is an intuitive file management utility that provides the facility to synchronize files between a local machine and an FTP server. Particularly useful for updating web sites and downloading software upgrades and patches.

What's new

Version 2.06

Problem with remote files returned with incorrect year from "Windows" style FTP servers fixed

Previous releases

Global settings now accessible from the connection list
"Ignore times of files older than..." now disabled when set to zero
Now handles "Unix" type servers that don't return both group and username columns in the file list
Links are no longer displayed
Wait for server response timeout now user definable
Server properties option added
Execute server commands option added
Updated help file (Browse it on-line)
Improved performance
Firewall/Proxy server support
Session logging
Time shift option for syncing across timezones
Reverse transfer direction
Time remaining and transfer speed display
Folder exclusions added
Timestamps of "old" files can now be ignored
Cloning of Connection properties added.
Passive mode now supported.
Fix for incorrect year being stamped on local files.
Fixed the connect failure problem when prompted for a password.
Support for both ascii and binary transfers added.
Fixed bug which caused intermittent crashes when transferring files to some FTP servers.
User names and passwords encrypted in connections database
FTP port made user definable
Set local timestamps to remote option now available from transfer confirm dialog
New option to ignore seconds in timestamp comparison
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LastChance is a desktop utility that provides the facility to run programs when the machine is shutting down. Once the user chooses Shutdown from the Start menu, LastChance will intercept the shutdown request and optionally run the configured programs, waiting for them to finish before continuing the shutdown procedure.

What's new

Confirmation dialogs can now be suppressed
Click here for a LastChance screenshot.
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Product Version Release date Size Notes
FileSync 2.18 14th July 2000 1,195KB See what's new
FTPSync 2.06 3rd January 2000 1,080KB See what's new
CmdSync 2.0 10th November 1999 789KB See what's new
LastChance 1.03 17th August 1999 857KB See what's new
FileDiff 1.03 2nd March 1999 853KB See what's new


FileSync has received 5-star Editors' picka 5-star editor's pick award from ZDNet. See their review.

FileSync awarded a "Cream of the Crop" by FileFarm

FTPSync has received a 4-star editor's pick award from ZDNet. See their review.

FTPSync has received a "Simply the Best" award

What our users say...

Just wanted to drop a note and let you know how useful this product has been for me. FileSync has proven to be a most effective tool for Software Distribution, in addition I use CmdSync and FileDiff with FileSync. Definitely worth the registration fee.

John Boone
World Wide Software Distribution

"Filesync is an indispensable product. We use it not only to keep our 1.2 Gb’s of source code synced between local machines and the network but also to sync copies of code between the machines at the office and personal machines at home whatever the region. Filesync makes this process effortless."

James Ryan
WinFax PRO/TalkWorks PRO Development Team
Symantec—Delrina Group Inc
Toronto, Canada

"I have probably spent hundreds of hours over the years using Windows Explorer trying to keep both machines at the same level and was frustrated ever since. FileSync is meanwhile the most economic way to organise and maintain my file and directory structure of desktop and notebook by replicating in a controlled manner."

Franz Berger
Technical Support Manager

"Great product!"

Jeff Stewart
Software By Design Inc
Walnut Creek, CA

"Thank you, very much for this PHANTASTIC software ! I can not imagine, how I could live without it before"

Dr. Andreas Stern
Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics
Department of Telematics

"FileSync is a terrific program - just perfect for backing up files to my zip disk! I have recommended it to many other computer users"

Dr. Robert H. Neilson
Fort Worth

"Love your product, I use it every day, dozens of times per day. I back things up to Zip and Jaz drives but mostly for my laptops so I take the current project files from the server with me to clients! (I am a software consultant). My hat is off to you for an excellent product!"

Daniel J. Maxwell
Spectrum Corp.


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Product Price per single-user license Notes
FileSync US$15 License includes CmdSync and FileDiff
FTPSync US$15